Today was a tough training day; a long run followed by a strength session, then a core workout and lastly followed by stretching.

The long run today was a comfortable 18km (11.2mi) around Amsterdam. As usual I ran with the amazing group from House of Running, where I enjoyed chatting about Tony Robbins, self development, books and training seminars, as I racked up the kilometres. I can honestly say that a lively conversation certainly helps to pass the time quickly, before I knew it, we were already done.

On returning home from the long run, my wife and I hit the upstairs gym at our place, to smash out a short strength session. I first coached her through her strength and conditioning program, before I started on mine.

My strength program today was exactly the same as it was on Wednesday. The only difference… it was much harder today. But this is the time you have to pull up your socks and knuckle down and do the hard work. This is when the results happen.

With some encouragement (strong words of advice) from Toni, my wife, I managed to complete the workout. I was pumped, literally!

Bring on #SelfCareSunday!

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