Today’s long run was my longest of the season at 32km (19.9mi).  As usual, I completed a majority of the run with the crew from House of Running, leaving from our normal warm-up area in Vondelpark.

However, the prescribed run for the group today was 28km (17.4mi) so I still had a few extra km’s/mi’s to complete on my own.  As the runs get longer and longer, they start to consume a large amount of your Saturday.  In order to combat that, I decided to start earlier and get in a lap of Vondelpark before meeting the group.

I’m glad I did!  I ran into my friends and their little daughter Gisèle.  She’s my biggest supporter and even joined me for a few meters on my run.


The rest of my run felt great, I am really feeling the strength training starting to pay off.  By the time I come to the end of today’s run I still felt fresh and strong.

I also used today’s run to test my nutrition and hydration plan.  The biggest learning… my wife makes a better tasting electrolyte drink than me.  Even though we both use the same recipe.  So from now on, she has to make my drinks!

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