Today I changed up my training with the introduction of a strength and core workout using the TRX system. I will write a separate post about the TRX system as it’s a really cool piece of equipment that I think everyone should have.

Here is today’s workout;

  1. Recovery run – 30 minutes
  2. Strength training (TRX)
  3. Core workout (TRX)

The recovery run is exactly that – a recovery. It’s not designed to be an all out fast or intense run. For the entire duration of the run I kept the pace comfortable and as I was doing it indoors on the treadmill, I also kept the incline set at a constant 1 degree. This small amount of incline is just enough to provide some level of resistance.

Now on to the strength training component. I will record a video of this workout so I can demonstrate the movements and provide further clarity of technique. But in the meantime, here is the workout;

Strength Training (TRX)
– Single Leg Squats x 5 per leg
– Rows x 15
– Leg Curl x 10
– Push-up/Chest Press x 10
– 3 Rounds in total, non-stop

Core Workout (TRX)
– Pikes x 10
– Mountain Jumpers x 10
– Mountain Climbers x 10
– Side Winders x 10 each side
– Rest 60 seconds
– 3 Rounds in total

The most important thing to remember when performing these exercises is to have complete control over the movement. If you can’t make the full number of sets, then just do 2. If you can’t do the full number of reps, then stop at the point your form gives out.

Going forward I will be performing this workout twice per week to give me the strength and conditioning I require for my upcoming race, the London Marathon.

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