Today I received a nice surprise in the mail. A copy of the TCS New York City Marathon “2016 Official Results Magazine”.

What made this so special, not only is my name in it, but it also included a printed copy of my official finishers certificate. It made me stop for a moment and reflect on the journey I had been on in order to receive this certificate. I felt really proud of my achievement! I know for some people the New York City Marathon is on their bucket list and here I am celebrating that I have completed it.

I think this was a timely reminder to get some perspective on the progress I have made towards my goals in a relatively short period of time. This time last year I wasn’t even thinking about running a marathon. Now I want to complete another 5 marathons in the next 2.5 years. It just goes to show that with the right formula, anything is possible.

Time to stop celebrating and get back to work… I have another goal to achieve!

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