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“I help business leaders increase their energy and endurance to crush their half-marathon or marathon goals while continuing to excel in all other areas of their life.”

The name Running For Planes started out as a joke.  Michael is an avid traveller and had a number of flights with tight connections, leaving him with no option but to utilize his running talents to help him make his flight.  It was after a particularly impressive situation, where he landed at JFK terminal 2 only 25 minutes before his international flight departed from terminal 4, and he made it, that the joke started.  A few days later it dawned on Michael that Running for Planes combined his passions running and health as well as travel and adventure and his official rebrand was born.

Running for Planes is a lifestyle blog that curates Michael’s journey to become a world class marathoner while he travels the world in his endeavour to learn and inspire.

His mission?  To be the guy to put a smile on a million faces.

Michael was a late bloomer as an athlete.  He had always been someone who lived a fit and active lifestyle and dabbled in some fun runs from time to time, but it was only just over a year ago that his marathon journey began.

Michael decided to run the Amsterdam Half Marathon, with literally no training at all.  He made it, but missed his goal time and ended up with a stress fracture in his foot.  Fired up to achieve his goal time and having learnt his lesson about injuries if you don’t train, he set a new half marathon goal and joined the House of Running crew to start training.

A successful training season and crushing his half marathon goals meant he set his sights on a new goal.  The New York Marathon in sub 3:30.  An extremely aggressive goal given it was his first marathon and he had been training for less than a year.

It was not an easy race, but he achieved his goals and of course he upped the anti again, with goals to run all six Abbott World Marathon Majors in just over 2 years.

For his next race, the Virgin Money London Marathon, he realised he wanted to run for something more than the joy he gets from running.  He wanted a deeper purpose, to contribute and to show his gratitude for his ability to run.  He decided to run for a charity called Norwood.  Norwood is a 200-year-old charity supporting 7,000 vulnerable children and their families, children with special educational needs and people with learning disabilities.  This was a meaningful charity for Michael, not only because he loves children, but because his life has been touched by a number of children with disabilities.  Running the race for charity gives him the opportunity, not only to raise much needed funds for the cause, but also to raise awareness of the amazing work that Norwood is doing in the community.

For more information check out uk.virginmoneygiving.com/michael-bache.

When he is not pounding the pavement or inspiring and coaching other aspiring athletes, Michael trades foreign currency, another passion of his.

Michael’s avid travels have taken him to 100+ cities around the world where he manages to run, coach and trade while he explores the beautiful places he visits.  Michael is a part of Tony Robbins’ exclusive Platinum Partners family and enjoys adventures with his peers while he learns more about high performance coaching and motivation.

Passionate, energetic, intelligent and articulate, yet completely authentic, Michael attributes his running success to not just to tenacity and consistency in running training, but to the lessons he learnt about mental strength, motivation, nutrition, recovery and the phenomenal support he has from his friends and family.

To get in contact with Michael for high performance coaching, speaking engagements or ambassadorial roles please go to contact.

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